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Alienbee Reviews: DEVIL MAY CALL DVD

from Friday, March 6th, 2015 DEVIL MAY CALL was directed by Jason Cuadrado and stars Corri English, Traci Lords, Van Hansis, Camillia Sanes and Tyler Mane. The movie follows Sam (English), a young blind woman who works at a crisis center answering phone calls on the suicide hotline. She has this one particular caller, John (Mane) who ends…Continue Reading

Moviepilot – Devil May Call Article

Review of Devil May Call by Melissa Thomas Melissa ThomasHorror blogger (Little Blog of Horror) and writer for Living Dead Magazine. Find more of my work at Written and directed by Jason Cuadrado, Devil May Call is a horror/thriller that stars Corri English (Holliston), Tyler Mane (Compound Fracture) and Traci Lords (Cry-Baby). Synopsis: There…Continue Reading


Q: What was the hardest scene to film in the movie? A: I guess that would depend on who you ask. As an actor, the scene with Alex (Brandon) and I on the couch in the middle of the night where I do my big emotional speech about my childhood was a tough one. I…Continue Reading

Compound Fracture: A Thrilling Movie to Shock the Hearts of Movie Enthusiasts

By Food World News Compound Fracture is movie that will make one to jump out of your seat and will get him or her in full circle of thrill and shock. Last 2013, the movie was out in the market and has thrilled and shock a lot of moviegoers.  From the movie title itself, people…Continue Reading

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