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Birthday Thanks and News!

Jenny Brezinski Photography 2015
Jenny Brezinski Photography 2015

Yes, today is my birthday! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and messages and reminders that I’m yet another year older! And YES, I feel older. How the hell could I not …with all that I have put myself through, right? If you know me, or have met me at a convention, you know what I’m talking about. Plus, it’s been one hell of a year.

On a personal note, I finally shaved my head after trying to hide the fact that it was going anyway…Thanks, Dad!! All in all not a bad look, I guess. I lost my Mom, the woman that raised me to be who I am today and the one I would call when I needed an uplifting hand. I love you, Mom, and you will forever be in my heart! I miss you every day. In that same week, we said another very difficult goodbye to one of our pets, Abby, and my youngest son graduated from high school. A lot of change happened very quickly.

Professionally, I’ve seen a lot of you at conventions and events and I had the privilege to work on two amazing projects with phenomenal casts and crews: CHECK POINT, where I was able to reunite with William Forsyth and kick Bill Goldberg’s ass (Well, I guess that all depends on who you ask… relax, Bill!) and ABNORMAL ATTRACTION where I reconnected with my long-time friend Bruce Davidson from X-MEN, and Leslie Easterbrook, (DEVIL’S REJECTS, COMPOUND FRACTURE, HALLOWEEN) who is pretty much family at this point. After working with the guys from FUZZ ON THE LENS on that project, I knew I wanted to work with them AGAIN. Soon.

All this said, the last year held a lot of waiting and frustrating delays on PENANCE LANE, the second film from my own production company, Mane Entertainment. We thought we’d be long completed by now, but a string of complications on shooting locations, tax incentives, changes of state, and even country, have made the wait torturous (fitting if you know the film’s theme, I suppose). I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, though, and I have been, for the past several months, forging ahead with PENANCE LANE in Atlanta, GA, which I will soon also be calling home. We have some locations locked down and scouting has begun in earnest for the rest. Pre-production has begun and I’m heading down there again in a week to get some last minute details set before Christmas. I’m excited with the team that is coming together and will be rolling out announcements and news on that soon, but first, I’m going to celebrate my birthday and get my car packed. Atlanta or bust!!

I want to thank all the IndieGoGo supporters, investors, writer Munier Sharrieff, and all the fans that have patiently and enthusiastically supported this project and Mane Entertainment along the way. This year has been the quiet before the storm, and anyone who knows me knows I don’t like to be quiet. I’m usually the storm!  So 2016 is about to get started in a big way!

So in closing, thank you again, and please follow MANE ENTERTAINMENT , check out our film COMPOUND FRACTURE, and follow the progress of PENANCE LANE.

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