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Q: What was the hardest scene to film in the movie?

A: I guess that would depend on who you ask. As an actor, the scene with Alex (Brandon) and I on the couch in the middle of the night where I do my big
emotional speech about my childhood was a tough one. I could see, as the producer, that we needed to get that scene in that day, but It was really late, I’d
only slept about 3 hours the night before, and everyone was exhausted. We only had a few minutes to get Alex’s side of the scene before we had to release him. The location was FREEZING and the crew was all dressed in coats and gloves, but we were dressed in our flimsy pajama clothes, trying not to shiver (and me trying not to nod off between shots). Then Alex had to go, and I had to deliver this monologue to thin air. It ended up working out all right, but man that was like slogging through a swamp.

Q: What did you enjoy the most in the film?

A: About the filming days? EVERYTHING. That was the most incredible 3 weeks of my life. Even the challenges were invigorating. l’d always just been
the one waiting in my trailer for my scene to start. But when you”re producing, you”re connected to every detail. And then switching hats to my acting
role really quickly and back. It was the most fun juggling act of my life.

About the film itself? The characters. Seeing them come to life. After working on something for 3 years, to see it become flesh and blood is an amazing experience.


Q: What experience did you gain by being in the film?

A:As an actor, you don’t see the other side of the business. So becoming a producer and a writer, I learned SO much. I couldn’t even begin to list
all the things I learned in a very concentrated period of time. Probably my favorite experience gained was just to play a normal person, no suit, no prosthetics. To be able to play something closer to myself.

Q: What do you personally think the audience will feel after seeing the movie?

A: I hope they’re moved by it! I love hearing that people watched it a second and third time and picked up a lot of new details. I also love hearing that people had nightmares. Derek Mears is the sweetest guy, but yeah, he’s intimidating in this film. We just watched him in Dead Snow 2 (which
is great by the way, recommend) and he’s terrifying as the Russian zombie, but there’s something even more chilling about seeing him pull that off, totally stripped down, no makeup, just that visceral essence of total predator in a human body, and ••• kicking the shit out me. Ouch.

Q: What is your next movie?

A: That’s a good question. Mane Entertainment’s next film is PENANCE LANE, a horror action film, but there are a few other projects that we’re involved with and they’re all jockeying for schedule position. Follow me on twitter and Facebook and you’ll be sure to find out as soon as I know!

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