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Interview by Raz’s Midnight Macabre

An Interview With Tyler Mane

I had the privilege of interviewing Tyler Mane, here’s that interview.

Q1: As a wrestling fan I hope you don’t mind me asking what it was like working for WCW?

I enjoyed my time with the WCW but I spent most of my time in the ring in different countries around the world. I was very lucky to be able to wrestle in Japan,Germany, England and Mexico  to name a few, but in Mexico is where I got my first taste of acting.

Q2: How was the transition from wrestling to acting?

Like I said above, my first acting gig came from the wrestling and actually the second one was the “Smokey and the Bandit” series I did. So I guess you could say it was a very good transition!

Q3: You got to play ‘Sabretooth’ in the first “X-Men” film, do you think the character should’ve had a longer run?

Of Course! I would have loved to be able to expand on my version of Sabretooth!

Q4: Were you a fan of Horror films growing up, if so which where your favourite? 

Yes! My favorites are “The Shining” and “Jaws”! After watching “Jaws” I didn’t go in the bathtub for two weeks!

Q5: How did it feel to be chosen to be this generations ‘Michael Myers’?

It was great! Rob called and said what he wanted to do and that if I didn’t do it he wasn’t going to do it! So I was in and it was a great honor and a lot of pressure at the same time.

Q6: Talking of “Halloween” did you feel pressure on living up-to the iconic status of the film?

There was so much talk anticipating it before the film came out, I couldn’t help but read it all, and yeah… that was tough. Trying to do something new, while being aware of the legacy.

Q7: You’ve worked with a selection of legendary actors such, what’s it like being on set with them?

It is the greatest learning experience in the world to be around the likes of actors I’ve been lucky enough to be around. You can’t get that experience in any acting class!

Q8: What was the inspiration behind starting your production company Mane Entertainment?

I’ve always wanted to make my own films, ever since I was a little kid growing up in Canada. Being 6’8” it is also the way I’m able to do other types of roles than the big silent villain. I’m very proud of “Compound Fracture” and what is to be coming with “Penance Lane”! Check them out at!

Q9: Have you got anything exciting lined up

“Devil May Call” just came out from Lion’s Gate and we are looking for locations to shoot “Penance Lane”. That will be coming soon!

Q10: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Yeah! Get ready to bust your ass, and there will be a lot of peaks and valleys! But most of all, just do it!

Q11: Any final words for anyone reading this?

Thanks for the support!  We’d really appreciate you checking out our first film “Compound Fracture”,  signed copies are available on all my sites. We’re a small company that’s growing with the support of our fans! And follow us online for updates on all upcoming projects!

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