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Hey, everyone! Welcome to the new site!

We’ve redesigned things to make it easier for me to keep you updated and more interactive for members. We want YOUR help adding to the site with your pictures and comments, and there will also be periodic newsletters and exclusive deals/giveaways for members, so join up and log in.

This Maneline News & Blog will be featuring various news articles from the web, reviews, updates about appearances, and also my new blog “Becoming Mane.” I always get asked about my journey: “What was it like in the wrestling days? How did you break into acting? What was it like working with ___?” I’ll be digging up all those stories and more to paint the picture of how I went from little, skinny, dyslexic Daryl Karolat with glasses and braces, to the Tyler Mane you see before you today. Every one of us has a journey that is driven by both what we’re running from and what we’re running to—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Tyler Mane was a character I started playing in the world of wrestling and, today, represents the character of who I aspire to be, even though I still have days where I feel like I’m just little Daryl. We all have a couple faces, and I have a couple names to go with it. Hopefully my story will be inspiring to some, illuminating for others, and at the very least, we’ll all get a laugh at times.

So stick around, look around, join up, and I’ll be seeing you in these pages!

Talk soon!


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