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Moviepilot – Devil May Call Article

Melissa Thomas
Written and directed by Jason Cuadrado, Devil May Call is a horror/thriller that stars Corri English (Holliston), Tyler Mane (Compound Fracture) and Traci Lords (Cry-Baby).


There isn’t much about this film that isn’t absolutely terrifying, and the events that took place could very well happen to anyone. What is more horrifying than a serial killer becoming attached to you, he finds out you’re leaving, he feels betrayed by you and you can’t see him coming? Corri English is such an underrated actress. She was phenomenal, her performance as the blind suicide hotline operator Sam was 100% on point. Portraying a blind character when you yourself are not blind is more than a daunting task, and she couldn’t have done a better job. The fear she gives off when John (Mane) comes looking for her is genuine and gives the film so much more authenticity. I would love to see her in more serious roles like this one.

Corri English as Sam in Devil May Call
Corri English as Sam in Devil May Call

We have the damsel in distress, now enter the dragon, John played by slasher extraordinaire, Tyler Mane. Tyler’s range is outstanding in this film. He’s vulnerable and helpless one minute and the next he is way past Gary Busey crazy and ready to smash your face. Not to mention, have you seen this guy? He is huge. Add all of those elements together and you get one phenomenal movie villain. The scenes inside of the call center were nothing short of brutal. Tyler really is the full package, not only does his body language say “I’m going to kill you”, but the rage he can bring to his eyes only makes him that more believable. I noticed something about his character, and I don’t know if this was a choice by Tyler, written this way or if I’m reading too much into things, but his glasses seem to play a part. When he is wearing them, he is a monster, but once he takes them off, he’s a human being again, and almost sweet. Either way, I liked it and I think it added to the depth of the character.

Tyler Mane as John in Devil May Call
Tyler Mane as John in Devil May Call

The film was very well written. The characters that survived long enough to have a character arch were developed beautifully. There is one scene in particular between John and Sam that will really make you feel for John and make you think that maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all. This particular scene was touching and terrifying at the same time, after seeing what he was capable of, I was waiting on him to snap.

I fell in love with the realism of Devil May Call. There is nothing more terrifying than the idea of some crazy guy hell bent on finding and killing you, and he’s not a supernatural being, he is 100% human. It is easy to stay away from a camp that is sketchy looking at best, but what can you do when the killer has a truck and is not bound to some crazy magic land?

If you’re looking for a film that will evoke every emotion you have, Devil May Call is the film for you. My only complaint is, I felt it could have been longer. I would have liked to have seen more of a back story on John and Sam and maybe a little bit more face to face interaction between the two. Other than that, the film was perfect.

Devil May Call will be available on digital download February 24 and DVD on March 10. Want to make sure you get a copy? You can pre-order the film in the shop at

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